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Top and Top delivers highly professional translation work.
Top&Top specializes in translating medical, scientific and corporate documents.


Top and Top puts at your disposal the expertise of its best interpreters for any conference, meeting, workshop.
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Simultaneous translation

For years, we have been working on multilingual international meetings, by putting together the interpreters’ team according to the various language combinations.

About us

On the translation and interpretation market, Top and Top offers the highest quality standard, thanks to its long standing experience in high end market niches.

Top and Top is NOT an agency. It gathers a group of professionals who work to fully meet the client’s expectations: your own expectations. We specialize in several sectors: medical-scientific, pharmaceutical, legal, IT, finance, Government institutions and many more.

Top and Top is a network of interpreters and translators who share their goals and aspirations, thanks to a common background and vision of their profession.

We usually translate the main European languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) but we can avail ourselves of expert specialists in other languages, too (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Romenian, and so forth).

Our history

Top & Top is the natural evolution of twenty years of work as free-lancers; but we do not just stay in the back office! We regularly work for our top clients and simultaneously coordinate the best collaborators and colleagues who diligently prepare themselves to safely fulfill any assignment given by clients.

Starting from your first contact, you will always be in touch with an interpreter or a professional translator, able to immediately understand your needs and / or requests.

Our direct involvement is a guarantee of our service: be it a company, a PCO, a scientific society or a no profit organization. We like to develop long term partnerships with clients to solve their problems!

Every day, we are committed to the difficult task of facilitating and enabling communication among different subjects, interpreting their words and ideas from one language to another.

Sound culture, continuing education and expertise: we are used to face the most diverse situations with a smart, professional and flexible attitude.

Top&Top caters to a market where quality is really important. Hiring a professional is a small investment in a trusted and effective communication: after so much work to prepare for your meeting or to put on paper the messages that you want to convey, would you ever take the chance of using a poor translation service? Lost in translation?


Top & Top conference interpreters are strictly selected among Assointerpreti and AIIC members.

Translators are selected on the basis of their expertise gained in the various sectors over time.


Simultaneous translation

As the simultaneous translation unfolds, the interpreters, usually two, work in a soundproof booth where they instantly translate what they hear through the headphones. This is perhaps the most frequent mode of interpretation in congresses, conferences, seminars, business meetings and so on, since it allows the speakers to express themselves freely without having to pause.

Simultaneous interpreting is a delicate job requiring great concentration and talent as well as almost invisible, although fundamental skills like intuition, cold blood, ability to empathize with the speaker to convey not only their words but the concepts behind them; it may sound bizarre to non-experts, but the interpreter’s performance is also affected by the environmental conditions in which they work: equipment, air conditioning, magnetic fields, sound quality and acceptable working space.

A professional interpreter is not a walking dictionary! In addition to a thorough preparation before the conference, it is often essential to establish a communication with the speakers to understand which points should be emphasized, their jokes or quotes: in essence, an effective exchange to optimize the final result. Top and Top works in many international multilingual conferences where it puts together and coordinates the teams of interpreters according to the required language combinations.

To make your event successful, it is as fundamental to properly select the technical equipment, the location of the booths and collect any documentation on the conference subject matter. Top and Top can recommend suppliers of technical equipment which meet the specifications commonly adopted on an international level.

Consecutive translation

The consecutive translation is a mode of interpretation different but no less challenging than the simultaneous translation; during a consecutive translation, the interpreter does not work in a soundproof booth but sits next to the speaker. The interpreter takes notes and translates the message aloud. It is the mode of interpretation of political meetings, bilateral negotiations and, more generally, of high level institutional meetings.

This interpreting technique is very challenging and rewarding: it requires a perfect understanding of the subject matter as well as the ability to summarize without losing the pace of the speech. The most talented interpreters manage to transfer exactly the message, with a translation perfectly faithful to the original. Unlike the simultaneous translation, every delegate listen to the words of the interpreter and can therefore verify their accuracy. This sophisticated technique is based on memory, on note taking skills or both. Generally speaking, the consecutive translation is recommended in short meetings, or when few presentations need to be to translated.

Chuchotage or “whispered” translation

The interpreter sits next to a small group of people (usually no more than 2 or 3) and 'whispers' the translation. This mode of interpreting is recommended in specific contexts, to be evaluated on a case by case basis, and generally has a short duration (no more than 2-3 hours).

Absolutely not recommended in multilingual environments or acoustically imperfect venues. It is a very challenging interpreting technique; with their own voice, the interpreter tends to speak over the speaker's voice, which makes their work particularly difficult.

Interprete italiano

Translation of documents

Real, proven expertise in the following fields: medicine, pharmacology, science; financial statements; economic and legal texts and highly specialized technical translations. For years, Top & Top has been working for many medium to large companies and multinationals on complex projects where it is necessary to review documents before translating them, interact with the client to determine the correct terminology to be used, possibly proof-read and edit the text and have a specialized knowledge of the subject.

Tunlike what some probably believe, translating is a difficult art! Given the diverse nature of texts, translators are selected on the basis of their specialization.

You can always reach Top and Top and explain what you need. In cases of particular urgency or a restricted budget, we offer smart solutions. Translations can be provided in electronic format, on paper and special media (audio, CD, DVD, etc.). Top & Top also follows the delicate sworn translation procedure at the Court of Rome. Contact us for a quote and, above all, to receive our advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Organizing a conference

Top and Top provides a range of services related to the organization of your event: technical services, scouting and selection of conference venues; hostesses and stewards; side events (for instance, guided tours in Rome and not only through EOS Cultura)

We know it is important not to lose sight of the cost factor; this is why we can give advice to clients prior the event: on the meeting agenda (how to best arrange sessions with foreign speakers), technical equipment, choice of the best type of interpretation for a given event.

Tight budget? Let's discuss it together.

Quite often, the solution is at hand, provided that you have an in-depth knowledge of the client’s requirements: feel free to contact us for a quote. Your specific requests will be carefully considered.

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Since 1990, we have been there to facilitate an effective communication.

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Specialization fields:

Scientific and Medical, Corporate, Board and Shareholders’ Meetings, Environment and Energy, Banking, Financial Statement and Auditing, Cinema, Law, Economics, Finance, Training, IT, Marketing, Government, Telecommunication, Media Interpreting, Transport.




Fondata nel 1974, ASSOINTERPRETI - Associazione Nazionale Interpreti di Conferenza Professionisti - riunisce esclusivamente interpreti specializzati in interpretazione simultanea, consecutiva e chuchotage.

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